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    Q: Who will bear the costs of medical assistance services?

    A: It depends on the type of programs you are enrolled into. There are TWO types of programs, namely the Referral program and the Cover Program.

    The Referral Program allows the member to have access to IPA assistance services but he will be responsible for all the costs incurred during the service provision.

    Along the conditions of the cover program, IPAHK will bear the costs of assistance services within the limits mentioned on their contracts. The member has no financial liability.

    Q: Is it necessary that I call personally an IPA Alarm Centre if I get injured?

    A: No, your family members or your friends or your colleagues or an official representative of yourself can notify IPA on your behalf and request for assistance services.

    Q: How could IPA help me if I am in coma?

    A: You are advised to keep your family members or traveling companion informed of your assistance coverage. Therefore, they would be in the position to notify IPA for you. Besides, while traveling, please you bring along with the IPA emergency card to remind you of our contact.

    Q: Will I be covered if I am a Hong Kong Resident and am traveling in PRC?

    A: Yes, IPA will provide services to you if you travel outside your country of residence. For your case, the country of residence is Hong Kong.

    Q: What is the difference between medical evacuation and repatriation after treatment?

    A: Both are medically supervised transfers. A medical evacuation is to transfer the patient to the nearest hospital equipped with the appropriate medical facilities and personnel to treat the patient's particular medical condition. The destination may not be the patient's country of residence. For example, a Hong Kong holidaymaker may be transferred to Singapore rather than Hong Kong if he/she suffers from an acute disease in Indonesia and his/her medical condition requires immediate medical treatment not available in local hospitals.

    Repatriation after treatment is the transfer of a patient back to his/her country of residence under medical supervision after his/her medical condition has been stabilised in a local hospital and he/she can travel on commercial carrier.

    Q: How fast can you move me back home?

    A: The turnaround time varies on each individual case. It is subject to the availability of the patient's medical information, the patient's medical condition, validation of coverage benefits of the assistance program.

    Q: Will the assistance services program cover all types of bodily injury or illness?

    A: No, the assistance program is quite similar to the travel insurance program and there are some exclusions on the services. For instance, the program does not cover cases arising from congenital abnormalities. As the list of exclusions may vary, please refer to the wording of your policy for exact details.

    Q: Is there is any time limit of the assistance coverage on the duration of journey?

    A: Most of our program has a time limit on the duration of each trip. The assistance services are available during this period of time.

    Q: Will IPA be able to provide services if I am traveling in some remote areas?

    A: Yes, the assistance services will be provided even in the remote areas.

    Q: Are the assistance services available during public holidays or in nighttime?

    A: Yes, IPA's Alarm Centre and its operation team work around the clock, 365 days a year. It operates even during the period of typhoon or storm.

    Q: Will the assistance program cover my medical expenses incurred in clinic or hospital?

    A: No, IPA is not an insurance company so it will not provide any financial compensation to member. However, if you are not able to settle or guarantee the payment of medical expenses, IPA may effect the settlement on your behalf if your representative or your insurance company can guarantee the refunds of this advances as well as the related expenses incurred.

    Q: Do I get a refund from IPA if I am under the coverage of a Cover Program and I have paid something out of my pocket? How to do that?

    A: IPA is by definition a professional service provider. If members are in need of any help, they should contact IPA prior incurring any cost related with assistance services. IPA will provide the services at its cost if necessary but IPA will not refund any expenses to members as we cannot guarantee the reliability, professionalism and relevancy of the services provided by other parties. There is no claims procedure in IPA's assistance services.

    Q: Who will pay the telecommunication expenses if I call from foreign countries?

    A: A member can contact IPA through collect call for assistance services.

    Q: Could IPA tell me if I will be refunded if I consult doctor overseas?

    A: As the medical expenses should be covered by an insurance plan, you are advised to contact your insurance company for claim-related questions.

    Q: Could you prepare a claim report for me to the insurance company?

    A: IPA can inform the insurance company of your case and request the insurer to follow up accordingly but this arrangement cannot be regarded as claim reporting.

    Q: Could I have your doctor to look at my case if I need professional advice?

    A: Yes, IPA has its in-house medical team. Our doctor is ready to provide advice to you according to your situation. If necessary, IPA will arrange house call doctor or assist you to make an appointment with the local doctor. It should be stressed however that a telephone contact cannot replace a consultation.

    Q: Will the assistance services be available worldwide?

    A: Yes, the services are available worldwide, except the member's country of residence.

    Q: Can I decide the transportation means, date and place for the medical evacuation/repatriation after treatment?

    A: All decisions on medical evacuation or repatriation will be exclusively made by IPA HK medical doctors based on the patient's medical condition, location of the patient, availability of transportation means, necessity of medical equipment and escort team.

    Q: What should I do if I need the assistance from IPA?

    A: Simply give a ring to IPA's Alarm Centre and state your request and the relevant information to allow IPA to work on your case.